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Thank you for visiting my website and finding my ebook. It’s two short stories, and there’s no reason why it can’t be free. If you want me to send you a MOBI or an EPUB file for free, just ask by emailing me at I won’t add you to an email list unless you ask. All I ask in return is that you consider leaving a review. Otherwise, you may pick up your copy at Amazon by using the link below or by searching for the book using your favorite e-reader service.

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Tragedy is one of the greatest challenges to resilience, and the ability to be resilient is a defining characteristic of a hero. In these two tragic tales, author Michael Haase takes a concise and focused magnifying glass as two different heroes face ultimate tragedies in their lives. Two different types of resilience are explored, and both ask the reader to consider their own choices in the face of tragedy.

In “Cedric,” a young couple falls in love from opposite classes of their kingdom’s feudal system and they are forced to keep their love secret. When death appears to bring a permanent end to the romance, the young man is offered a potent potion for reversing death, but it comes at a cost.

In “The End and the Beginning,” a middle-aged father is confronted with a terminal diagnosis. Told from his perspective, he confronts Death itself and considers the question: “Does Death have to be considered the enemy it’s made out to be?”

Both stories are offered here on ebook format for a low price. “Two Tragic Tales” demonstrates Mr. Haase’s abilities in writing poignant, purposeful drama. Both short stories originally published in Writing Bloc‘s anthologies, “ESCAPE!” and “DECEPTION!”


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