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This is the first anthology from Writing Bloc, an amazing independent author community. Included is my short story, “Cedric.” For TWO BUCKS LESS than buying the book through Amazon, you can grab yourself a copy here, and I’ll write a personal message inside, sign it, and tuck in a neat little bookmark I made (well, I had it made, but that’s not the point). Read the full description below, even though you’ve already decided you want this book.


ESCAPE! It’s something that we all crave. Life is loaded with stress, worry, and regret so, of course, these themes are old friends of the independent writers of the Writing Bloc Cooperative. In the first collection of shorts presented by Writing Bloc Publishing, twenty up-and-coming authors illuminate the varied nuances of ESCAPE! The result is nothing short of pure alchemical gold in the form of the written word.

These twenty gripping tales, running the gamut from science fiction and fantasy to political satire and literary fiction, illustrate the many faces of escape, escaping, and escapism. In a curiously deep look into the human psyche, they examine the urge to leave our present circumstances behind as well as how that instinct both aids and hinders our lives.
Drop the drudgery of daily life by diving headfirst into this stunning collection, and you might just find that ESCAPE! Is right around the corner.

Featuring shorts from: Tahani Nelson, Grace Marshall, Kendra Namednil, Susan K. Hamilton, Deborah Munro, Daniel Lee, Christopher Henckel, Michael James Welch, Evan Graham, Patrick Edwards, Peter Ryan, Mike Donald, Christopher Lee, Jason Pomerance, Durena Burns, Cari Dubiel, Becca Spence Dobias, Ferd Crôtte, Jason Chestnut, and Michael Haase.

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