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I honestly love formatting books. There’s something to it. The exacting nature and the way I get to see the results. Formatting is the translation from draft to final copy, and watching the transition happen is exciting. I would love helping you format your novel for publication. I can make your ebook (all formats) or physical copy shine. Just fill out the form below to contact me and let’s see if I’m the right fit for you and your budget.


Indie authors have a hard enough time breaking out of the stigma surrounding self publishing without poor formatting ruining it all. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started on a self published book that actually has a decent cover and description, and even great writing, only to be put off by how awful the formatting is. Every time you skimp on a step in the process of creating your final book, you are ignoring basic steps to help engage your readers.

Formatting is essential. Think about it. If you open a book and see that the margins are scattered or the text is wonky, or the appearance is generally distracting for whatever reason, then you are taken away from immersing yourself in that book. The art of formatting is the art of hiding the actual book from the story. It’s making the words appear in a beautiful way that keeps the reader engaged. If formatting is done right, it shouldn’t be noticed.

love formatting books. I adore making a basic document look like a beautiful, finished book. It’s a strange thing I’ve discovered about myself. If you’re looking for professional formatting that doesn’t break the bank, just fill out the form below and we can chat. The chat is free, so there’s no risk. I’ll make sure we are a good fit before charging for any services.


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