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Beta reading available for novels or anything shorter. I offer honest, genuine feedback at a low price, as I know the zero budget available to most indie authors. Just fill out the form below for a quote, and we will start a conversation.


Why in the hell would I pay for a beta reader?!¬†you say. And that’s a great question.

Two reasons: Honesty and your time. Plus, I don’t charge a whole heck of a lot for the amount of time it takes to beta read a novel.

If you’re wondering what a beta reader is, well, it’s quite frankly a silly term that has come up in recent years among the writing crowd. It refers to someone reading your draft of your novel and offering feedback. In most of the writer’s circles I’ve wandered through, people¬†try not to complain about their beta readers, but they almost always do. This is because writers requesting beta readers often don’t communicate what they need and/or they expect too much from their beta readers.

Really, if you want someone to read your work and just talk to you about whether it’s good or not, then all you are doing is asking a friend or family member to enter into an awkward conversation. You need honesty, but if your friend thinks your book is a load of crap, then it might change your relationship. This is why she will take three months for your friend to finish your book and then come back with a bright evaluation of “I liked it!” and then promptly run away.

Don’t put your friends and family through the early drafts of your work. Let me be the guy to tell it how it is. We can discuss your work if you email me at, and then figure out if I’m a good fit for what you need. We can talk schedules, and I can even read a small portion for free to give you a sample of what to expect.

Like it or not, when you ask someone to beta read, you’re asking them to edit for free. That’s a jerk move. Come see me, a stranger, and we can speak openly and honestly about your story. Just fill out the form below. I look forward to hearing about your project!


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