Monkey Bar Update!

This is a quick one, but I have to post my victory! As some of you may know if you’ve been following my little story of taking control over my health and my body, I cannot do the monkey bars. But my goal is to be able to do them whenever. I showed you my starting point from my post on July 25th, but if you just want the video, here is where I started a little over a month ago:

Not great, right? But actually kinda normal from all of the friends and family I’ve talked to. It seems that all of us basically gave up on monkey bars after school. Well, I never could do them, and now is the time. Better late than never, right?

SO, I’ve been doing a lot more strength training and I’ve been eating better over the past few weeks. I’m down ten pounds. I get up almost every morning at 5am and get my exercise in. I’ve put in a ton of work, and honestly, I feel amazing. So, it was time to try again, and here is where I’m at, just a little over a month later:


It’s happening soon. I just had no idea how much progress I’d be able to make in just a few weeks. I thought it might be next year before I could do those damned things, and now…I’m going to do them THIS MONTH. It’s happening. I’m going to make it happen. This is happening.

What a cool feeling.



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