“Mitchell is a Tiger” by Michael Haase


By Michael Haase


Mitchell is a tiger

This is something that he knows

It’s simply what he is

It’s not something that he chose


Too often people tell him

“You’re not a tiger, you’re a boy.

And acting like a tiger

Is just something you enjoy.”


First he told his sister

“I’ve been a tiger all along!”

But she just smiled and laughed

And then she told him he was wrong


Then he told his friends

“I’m a tiger!” he exclaimed

But they just hissed and roared

And brushed it off as just a game


He finally told his parents

Hoping they would give him praise

But they just rolled their eyes

And said that it was just a phase


Mitchell soon grew sad

As every day he’d play pretend

Thinking it best to act a boy

Than be a tiger with no friends


He preferred to be alone

And his seclusion time increased

For only by himself

Was he free to be a beast


Mitchell hated hiding

He needed to be free

But when he’d act himself

He’d get ridiculed and teased


One day he went out hunting

Prowling through a nearby forest

As he approached a clearing

His ears met quite the chorus


“Screeeeech! I’m an eagle!”

Then “Woof! Woof! I’m a dog!”

Followed by other sounds

From bears, owls, pigs, and frogs


Mitchell approached the sounds

Wondering what other beasts he’d see

He hid behind a log

Then peeked over nervously


You could say that what he saw

Was a strange group of boys and girls

Just pretending to be animals

In some silly imagined world


But if you saw through Mitchell’s eyes

And beyond your first impression

You might abandon judgment

And learn an important lesson


For within that group of animals

Mitchell finally was accepted

He was a tiger, he was free

And that freedom was protected


Mitchell is now happy;

To disagree is simply chatter

To tell a tiger they’re a boy

Is just crazy, and does not matter


So, if you truly love someone

The best thing to do, by far

When they show you their true skin

Please accept them for who they are

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