A Million Others (Song + Lyrics + Video + Story)

A Million Others

We hold the sweetness in ourselves
We hide your children in our wells
We offer gifts to no one
We offer nothing to your minds
You’ll see our genius, give it time
We know we’re besting someone
We make it all run so much better
We’re here for you day and night
We’ll watch your kids if they don’t cry
You’re free to waste a lifetime
We make it all run so much better
We make it all just so much better
We’re many products, many lives
Come and see us anytime you’d like
We’re in your television
Just last night, right on our screen
You had yourself a newborn dream
Yourself and a million others
And I’m sure you feel much better
I’m sure you feel just so much better
We own the world within your mind
Built in blocks of half-hour time
We own America, and we love it all
For we will never die
So gather up your wife and kids
Dress them like our families
Uphold our world all over
Pretty soon, you’ll realize
To turn it off, you’ll have to close your eyes
We’ll call it off for no one
We’ll show you what our love is
And how to share it with someone else
And when you do, they’ll love it, too

The Story Behind the Song

Another track off of “This War is Love,” and it was one of the first I composed in Florida. I was listening to a lot of Smashing Pumpkins at the time, more specifically, Siamese Dream. I loved that album, and tore apart the way it was put together. I wanted to experiment with multiple layered guitars, much like My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless. I remember starting the entire song as an experiment. I needed a driving progression, something I could tear away at my guitar as I played. I decided on a natural blues progression in C, keeping the chord formations tight together low on the neck. I was 22 at the time, and I remember strumming this progression in the mirror, happy that I could strum along with it and bring my elbow up to nearly the height of my shoulder as I played. There was a lot of room for energy. That night, I recorded several layers of guitar, perhaps twenty (however many layers I could before my computer became annoyingly bogged down). It was a thick, muddy mess, but it was rock. By the time we recorded the album version, I was talked into a bigger, cleaner sound using fewer layers of guitars, which was definitely for the best, but this song was born amongst dreams of the riff being played by a symphony of guitars. Noisy, noisy guitars.

I feel it’s fairly obvious what the song is about. I’m not a big fan of television. There are exceptions, but generally speaking, I’ve never been much into finding something new to sit around and watch go by. I enjoy movies much more, as there is a story with a plot, and a definite ending. Television’s goal is to just keep droning on and on. So many shows start out well, but end up drivel just because trying to write something that has no definite end typically ends poorly. At the time, I was more rallying against reality television, and I still do. There are few good examples of humanity on television, yet it is insanely popular. I’m not as militantly against television as I was when I wrote the song, but I still stand behind the lyrics. Television is not a hobby. Hobbies take effort. You sit and do not think while watching hours of television or binge-watching Netflix. It’s a slippery slope, in my opinion. But please don’t take this opinion personally. I’m just a dude who doesn’t really care for TV. You go and enjoy…

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