I’m Not Scared Anymore (Song + Lyrics + Video + Story)

I’m Not Scared Anymore

We fell on an ocean, floated on air

We thought we could stay there forever

But no one would wait

Not even five breaths

They pointed us straight home

Showed us our faults

No one will wait for me

But you, you showed me how to throw their doubt away

Do you think we should leave?

Are we that strong?

And if we shall, do we tell anyone?

Will they all envy the risk of happiness?

Because you, you showed me how to throw their doubt all away

And not care if they are too afraid

And we don’t care if we stay another day

I will write to them and tell them all how I’m not scared anymore.


The story behind the song

I wrote this song in 2001. At the time, I was dating the lovely woman who would become my wife (of ten years this month!), but I was a little less than confidence-inspiring as far as her parents were concerned. They had the right to be skeptical, but I took it as a challenge against my love at the time (I was 21, what level of maturity would you expect?). My main drag was to write music. I was convinced that I would be a rock star at that point, hence, the lack of confidence from the in-laws. My pipe dreams of rock stardom did not mean I was bad at writing music, though. I took my aggression out in the form of this “let’s runaway together” love song aimed directly at the woman who eventually became my wife. It started out as a simple guitar/vocal piece, but enough people liked it that it ended up on my band’s album in 2005. This recording is great, and the full band behind the song adds an incredible amount to the song. This is still one of my absolute favorite songs I’ve ever written and performed. I hope you enjoy listening.

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