I Ate My Dog (A Poem)

Roast Dog

I Ate My Dog

My hunger was great, and to help it to end

I roasted and gobbled up man’s best friend

I had raised my dog from a very young year

I knew all he ate; no reason to fear

People eat animals all of the time

Eating cows and piglets is never a crime

So why is everyone angry with me?

I ate my own dog, he was mine, don’t you see?

If I owned a duck and yet called it a pet

I could still eat its eggs and roast up its breast

If I raised a cow, then it would be quite okay

To chomp on their calf, grown strong from my hay

But I ate my pet dog, and you’re all so upset

“Why, oh why, would you eat your own pet?”

You’ll be happy to know, I won’t do it again

He tasted quite awful, my so-called best friend…

Illustration by Phil Rood. Please visit philrood.com. You will be happier for having done so.

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